5 Tips to Create a Mobile Friendly Presentation

We live in a mobile-based culture. With $1,000 computers in our pockets, the average audience member expects that your presentation is not only available on their mobile device but also optimized for their mobile device.

As a presenter, you’re probably focused on creating an engaging slide deck, but you may not be thinking about how it will look on a mobile device for your audience members on the go. That’s why we’ve put together 5 tips to optimize your slide deck for not just a big screen, but the small screen as well.

Use Larger Fonts
While smaller font size may be okay on a large display, it will only get smaller when it’s viewed on a mobile display. By selecting a larger font size, you ensure your audience can read it on the presentation screen and also on the go with their mobile device.

Export as a PDF
Viewing a presentation in PowerPoint on a mobile device can be clunky and difficult to navigate. By exporting your presentation as a PDF, your audience can quickly open the file and follow along on their mobile device.

Keep Charts Easy to Read
Perhaps the most difficult part of a presentation to view on a mobile device are charts that are complicated and filled with finite data. If you are looking to keep your presentation mobile friendly, be sure to keep your charts easy to read – more data does not always make your points clearer and easier to digest.

Use Visuals When Possible
On a mobile device, text can be difficult to read, especially in-depth content. That’s why you should replace text-based content with visual displays whenever possible. Along with giving your audience the ability to comprehend more quickly, you also create a larger retention rate across your audience.

Design in a Mobile Friendly Resolution
In regards to screen resolution, each device is a bit different: the resolution for a large display is different than that of a small, mobile device. When designing in a way that is optimized for a mobile device, select the highest resolution you can. This allows your presentation to look great on any display.

As a presenter living in the digital age, optimizing your presentation is a vital part of your design. However, as you create your design, optimizing for mobile may not be at the forefront of your mind. Implementing these 5 tips will not just leave your presentation looking good on the big screen but on the small screen as well. That means your audience can take your presentation with them when they leave, spreading your mission even further and faster than you thought possible.

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