6 Solutions For Social Media Displays At Conferences

If you’re a conference organizer or a public speaker, you might be wondering how you can tap into the social media chatter swirling around your event or presentation. While there are various creative solutions, social media walls are a fun and easy way to bring social media conversations into the real world, in real time.

Conference organizers can set up displays throughout the event to encourage attendees to participate in the digital experience. The social media wall will likely spark social media interactions among attendees, increase digital exposure for the conference, as well as increase the number of people who follow the conference on social media.

In addition, presenters can consider displaying comments on a real-time social media wall before and after their presentations. As a creative alternative to the traditional Q&A format, presenters can respond to the social media comments during and after their presentation. 

If a social media display seems like a valuable addition to your presentation or conference, check out the social media display options listed below. If you test any of the listed options, we would love to hear about your experience. Tell us your story by tweeting us at: @Ethos3.

6 Solutions For Social Media Displays At Conferences:

1. Strea.ma

Summary: Using Strea.ma, you can create your own personal real-time streams of social media content that Strea.ma will display in a beautiful interface. It’s especially good for live events like conferences, concerts, and sports events.

Official Website

Twitter: @strea_ma

strea.ma social media conference

2. Postano

Summary: Bring the conversation at your event to life by showcasing your attendees’ tweets, Instagrams, and social content on social media displays.

Official Website

Twitter: @postano

postano conferences

3. Tint

Summary: Connect any page, handle, hashtag, playlist, and/or tagged location from any social network, personalize it with our elegant, responsive templates, moderate which posts you want to display to curate the best content, and finally display it on any of your websites, mobile apps, retail TV displays, event walls, or huge jumbotrons.

Official Website

Twitter: @tint

tint social media wall conference

4. Sharypic

Summary: Sharypic automatically collects photos related to your event on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. Your guests can also contribute by simple email. 

Official Website

Twitter: @sharypic

sharypic social photo wall conference event

5. Wall of Tweets

Official Website

Twitter: @UXPassion

Summary: What is Wall of Tweets? Put very simply, it’s a Twitter wall. The very best Twitter wall money can buy.

wall of tweets twitter event display

6. Livefyre

Official Website

Twitter: @livefyre

Summary: Visualize photos, videos and other real-time content from social networks in a real-time media wall. Integrate Livefyre Media Wall into your website, mobile apps or display on big screens at live events.

livefyre social media wall

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