Presentation Persona Spotlight: Thor

Thor, god of thunder, gives a demanding presence whenever he’s on screen. The superhero (played by Chris Hemsworth) is part of the Avengers and is the star of his own movies, including this month’s Thor: Ragnarok. Whether he’s part of a team ensemble or flying solo, this character is charming, funny and exciting to watch.

From watching this movie trailer and Thor’s previous performances on screen, his presentation persona is determined, comical and outgoing. The results from our Badge assessment show that Thor possess an enduring presentation persona.


Presentation Persona

Based on his scores in the Exploration, Sharing, Response and Durability quadrants, Thor would be a Captivator. He scores high in three of the four quadrants. Here’s the breakdown.


This quadrant measures how well you prepare before a presentation. For the Captivator presentation persona, this is a low score. In Thor’s films, we see him often go into situations or battles unprepared. He thinks quick on his feet, but sometimes fails to keep others safe. Thinking ahead could help Thor achieve victory quick and painlessly.


This quadrant gets a high score for this presentation persona. Sharing measures how well you perform on stage. For Captivators, the audience energizes them. Thor also enjoys being the center of attention. He stands out among the Avengers and can flirt his way out of a problem. This makes him a great performer when it comes to being in front of a crowd.


Captivators also score high in the Response quadrant. This quadrant measures how much the audience loves you. While Thor does have some enemies, his fan base is big. From supporters on his home planet to the humans he saves on Earth, Thor comes with a large following. His powers, strength and good looks are all qualities that the audience adores.


Does your message stand the test of time? That’s what the Durability quadrant measures. For this presentation persona, their message does resonate with audiences. A Captivator lovable personality, quick wit and charming presence all help support the message they want to share. Thor has been featured in some of the highest grossing superhero movies of all time, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Thor is a heroic, unique and hilarious character which makes him an enduring Captivator. Wants to discover your presentation persona? Take our Badge assessment now!

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