3 Fool-Proof Ways to Personalize Your Presentations

We have developed a new coping mechanism. In an age where we are bombarded with content from all sides, it’s no surprise that we have created a mental filter. We adapted to the steady stream of information flowing in our direction by tuning out the messages that are irrelevant to our needs and concerns. Nearly 50% of consumers invest more money in companies who provide a personalized purchasing experience. For any person to engage with your brand or business, personalization is a must. And the more personalized you can get in your communications, the better it is for your bottom line. Here are 3 methods presenters can try to connect with their audiences:

3 fool proof ways to personalize your presentations

1. Collect and share audience data

Before you race to your computer and open any presentation program, you need to assemble members from other departments in your company. You’ll need Sales and Marketing, Product Development, and maybe even Human Resources. Any part of your team that interacts with your business’ audience in any capacity should be in the room for an initial meeting. If your business has not created audience segments or buyer personas, do that right now. Consider the following factors:





Company Size

Any information that will help you narrow down your target audiences into unique categories should be discussed and evaluated. Next, combine the data from whatever marketing tools you are using across the company to gather insight into the target groups you formulated. During your presentation, you will likely be delivering messaging to members of these target groups. So you should form an understanding of the content that has engaged them in the past through email, social media, or other digital means. Use the information as a backbone to your research outline to personalize your end product.

2. Dig a little deeper

If you have the opportunity to publicize your presentation through the creation of a comprehensive marketing strategy, the quest to personalize your speaking script will be much smoother.

Presentation Personalization Through Inbound Marketing

Step 1: Create a landing page with a form for visitors to sign up for your event. The form should include a space for first names and last names and could include a question related to the topic and audience’s needs.

Step 2: Set up email communications with those individuals who fill out the form.

Step 3: Provide valuable content in the days leading up to your presentation.

With an inbound strategy, presenters can equip themselves with the necessary data to add a subtle layer of personalization. The answers you receive from the completed forms will give a presenter material for an opening story or personal anecdotes to support main points.

3. Stick around after the talk

The final way you can personalize your presentation requires nothing more than your presence. It’s tempting to bolt out of the place after you’ve concluded your spiel. Please, think twice. A face-to-face conversation with another human being is just about as personal as you can get. The end of your presentation is a prime opportunity to facilitate a meaningful connection with an audience member – or if you’re lucky – members. Do everyone a favor and stay past the call-to-action. Pass out your business card. Arrive at the venue with a takeaway deck or handout to distribute to guests. Find any way you can to maximize the value of your presentation appearance.

Personalization is the new name of the game, even when it comes down to your presentations. Share the ways you personalize your message and slides! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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