Ethos3 designs presentations for important moments.

Whether through simple slide design, complex data visualization, or visual storytelling, research shows that visuals increase information retention by 42%. Effective presentation design not only helps you present like a pro, but it also ensures your audience will remember your message long after you leave the stage or conclude the webinar.

Are you losing sleep over your slide design choices? Perhaps you’re having second thoughts about the overall direction of your presentation design?
We get it.

Choosing the right look and feel for your presentation decks can be overwhelming. Plus, audience attention spans are shrinking making your PowerPoint design choices even more important. Don’t sweat it. We’ll help you navigate your options and find presentation design solutions which will help you woo and wow any audience.

How we do it?

As an award-winning presentation design agency, Ethos3 has been helping the world’s most trusted brands since 2006. For the past 15 years, we have studied and obsessed over which presentations make the biggest impact. We’ve learned what works and doesn’t work in a presentation environment. Through this dedication, we’ve developed systems that are proven, trusted, and guarantee success.

Want to see how we’ve helped clients just like you? Check out our portfolio for presentation design examples.

Let’s partner together

No matter your industry, we can help you win the hearts and minds of any audience through our award-winning approach to slide design.


When it comes to Microsoft Powerpoint, there’s a big difference between basic PowerPoint design, and strategic PowerPoint design that has the ability to change the world. Trends are ever-evolving, and presentation expectations are growing more difficult to satisfy. Allow us to transform your PowerPoint from predictable to strategic—your next big moment is too important to leave to chance.


If creating and giving presentations from your iPhone, iPad or even your new MacBook Pro are all part of your everyday carry, we’re with you. We love all things Apple as well—and Keynote is no exception. As experts in the program, we’ll transform your Keynote slides from boring to brilliant.

Google Slides

If Google Slides is your platform of choice, we’ve got you covered. Its ease of use on Android devices to desktops or laptops makes it a popular option for anyone from novice to professional presenters. We’ll help you maximize its full potential.


If Prezi is your presentation platform of choice, we know you’re looking to stand out from the crowd. You like to keep things fresh, interesting and engaging. We love that about you! Partner with us and we’ll help you take your presentation to yet another level of sophistication.

Template Design

Template Design

Have a corporate template that needs some design love? We get it! And we’ve got you covered. We’ll do a presentation template deep dive with you, helping you decide which slide types work best for your use cases, making sure your brand is well represented and ensuring your template design is easy to use for your entire company.

content and storytelling

Content Storytelling and Development

Crafting and telling a great story is no easy task. It’s all about creating the right narrative, having the best story arc, and delivering the most compelling call-to-action. We have over a decade of experience helping some of America’s most admired brands tell their stories. Let us help you do the same.

Audience captivation is only a few action steps away!

There is design. And then there is strategic design. The latter gets you results. Let’s accomplish your presentation goals together!


Our process is simple.


We'll help you craft the content of your presentation to maximize the impact of each idea.


We’ll create collateral that looks incredible, flows visually and tells the story you need told.


We’ll help you deliver with excellence through our custom training program, where we’ll equip you with the tools needed to knock your presentation out of the park.

To get started, talk with one of our presentation coaches today.

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