Announcing The Newest Way to Master Presentations: Skillshare

Ethos3 CEO and founder Scott Schwertly is honored to announce his partnership with Skillshare in a series of three lessons aimed to take a presenter from “zero to hero.” Skillshare is an amazing online learning community that recruits the world’s top experts to share their knowledge with the world. Scott Schwertly’s courses aim to teach the basics of content, design, and delivery for presentations that can be learned at the user’s own pace. Here are a little more details about the offered courses:

Craft the Best Content, Tell the Best Story

The heart of a great presentation is what you say and how you say it. This one-hour course includes twelve videos, teaching presenters how to organize and craft content that is memorable, persuasive, and perfect for any audience.

Slide Deck Design for Non-Designers

This 50-minute class with seven videos will teach non-designers how to go beyond built-in templates to create powerful visuals. It covers four major styles, basic principles of color and type, advice for tricky charts, and more.

Nailing Delivery Every Time

This 40-minute class with six video lessons provides empowering delivery advice for any business presentation. From overcoming anxiety and speaking with confidence to understanding the core ways to open and close a talk, Skillshare users will be able to prepare a presentation on any topic.

Want to learn more? Here’s a quick preview of the courses:

An Online Skillshare Class by Scott Schwertly

Ethos3 is extremely excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to continue working with Skillshare. Congrats, Scott!

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