Create Viral Presentations For SlideShare And Social Media

Create Viral Presentations For SlideShare And Social Media

As I’ve communicated in previous posts, presentations are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. If you need a refresher on why presentations are marketing powerhouses, review these resources:

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Knowing how to create presentations that will get attention on SlideShare and social media is an essential skill if you want to leverage the full potential of your presentations for online marketing. While your presentation design will play a critical role in the success of your presentations, your presentation content must also be valuable, interesting, as well as aligned with current trends and interests within your online community. 

You will generate more impressive results with your presentations when your presentation content aligns with trending topics. Presentations inspired by trending topics are more likely to get social shares and they will also stand a better chance of getting featured on the SlideShare homepage

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Trending topics and popular discussions often emerge online unexpectedly. For example, there is no way to accurately predict the date of future natural disasters or when a celebrity is going to say something that gets the whole social world stirred up. I am sure no one anticipated the explosive success of #DrummondPuddleWatch – most people did not even know about it until it was over or old news. Some trending topics however are easier to anticipate, such as The Super Bowl and The Oscars

Predicting these trending topics in advance and creating presentations that relate to trending topics is a secret to winning with presentations on SlideShare and social media.

For example, we have created presentations that perfectly align with special dates, including these: Valentine’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, National Park Week. When you create presentations around holidays or annually recurring special days you can count on your presentations leading to fun, visual posts that will tie into a hot topic every year.

Check out some of the examples below:

We even turned around this presentation in one day to honor the life of Robin Williams on the day of his passing:


These resources can help you anticipate trending topics:

World Sporting Event Calendar

Holidays in United States

Federal Holidays

TV Premiere Calendar

Hollywood Awards Calendar

National Day Calendar

What National Day Is It?

Days Of The Year



Now that you’re equipped to anticipate some upcoming trending topics, get busy creating presentations, infographics, videos, and other types of visual content so you can participate in upcoming conversations and increase engagement on SlideShare and social media.

Since today is #CleanOffYourDeskDay, here is an infographic to inspire you to get organized and boost your productivity:

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