Step-By-Step Presentation Template for Educators

Educators give presentations every day. It may feel like second nature, but speaking to a class in front of a whiteboard is not that different front speaking at a business conference. Whether you are a middle school teacher, college professor or school administrator, you are also a presenter. Educators are hardworking, always prepared and can deliver an impactful message. With this presentation template, we will help you refine your message and drive home the key points that will stay in the minds of your audience.

This presentation template offers an in-depth look at developing your content, a step-by-step guide to creating 3 main takeaways, and how to incorporate your content into your design and delivery.

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Before you get started on your next lesson plan, here are some ideas to think about before your open up PowerPoint.

Presentation Template

Trade out text for visuals.

At Ethos3, we do not like bullet points. Instead, we challenge you to push your creativity and limit the amount of text on a slide. Visual images have a greater impact on an audience’s memory rather than a list of words. Your audience’s focus will stick with what you are saying, rather than trying to read everything on the slide and listen to your lecture.

Stick to one idea per slide.

We tend to compile everything we need to say on one tiny slide. This may be helpful for us presenters, but it is not useful for the audience. Try to keep each slide representative of one idea. Write out that idea into one sentence. Then, pull the keyword from that sentence and voila! You have your slide. Now you have a visual suggestion for what to put on your slide. Use the speaker’s notes for all the notes you will need to read from, instead of writing them out on the slide.

Turn your lessons into stories.

Storytelling is a great way to key your message fresh in the minds of your audience for days to come. Research shows an audience is 40% more likely to remember a presentation structured around a story, rather than in a freeform manner. Stories activate more parts of the human brain because they engage our mind in such a way that we experience the story, instead of processing it.

Be aware of your audience.

With classes lasting only an hour and few minutes, it is a challenge to get everything done. But the truth is, we all have short attention spans. The average person tends to start losing interest after 10 minutes. It’s good to create activities for your audience at the 10-minute mark. This can be a discussion, a pop quiz, a handout or just a break to stand up and stretch.

Educators are experts in their field and each year give presentations to classrooms full of students. With our Step-By-Step Presentation Template for Educators, we hope to help you elevate your lesson plan into an unforgettable story that will help your students succeed. For more presentation tips to increase the impact of your message, check out these posts from the Ethos3 blog:

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