The New PowerPoint AI Feature is Here to Transform Content Strategy

Artificial intelligence is making its way into our everyday lives. From suggesting texts, to predicting searches, we’ve already experienced this in small ways. A big way that AI may start to transform your life as a presenter is with a new PowerPoint feature. You may have noticed a PowerPoint AI notification like this when you went to open the app recently:

Powerpoint AI

Shifting to AI

Microsoft is offering AI in many forms. The presentation coach, as it says, “gives feedback on your pacing, pitch, use of filler words and more.” Did you know that they also offer functionality to convert a simple Word doc into a designed PowerPoint? There’s a pretty handy feature in Office 365 where you can:
-open a new or existing document
-choose “file” -> ”export”
-Select “export to PowerPoint Presentation”
-Select a design theme
-Edit from there!

How it works:

PowerPoint AI takes into account the headers and text in your document to intelligently place them on each slide. In fact, it even sifts through the Word document looking for keywords to recommend images. Additionally, it can recommend fonts and other theme-based media tools to make your simple word document stand out in a presentation setting. Of course, you’ll have the option to go in and make any edits needed once the document has been converted. Ready to try it for yourself?

Exciting, huh?

This is a great functionality feature to stay organized and continue to hone your presentation skills. However, don’t discount the fact that you are still a human, presenting to humans. While this may save you lots of time copying and pasting from a Word document to a PowerPoint, the Powerpoint AI still doesn’t replace the need for a fresh set of eyes on your presentation when in doubt. Have fun, take advantage of the suggestions if they fit your needs, but don’t rely too heavily on its ability to do it all for you. After all, presentations rely on presenters to bring them to life.

Feeling stuck and need something beyond what PowerPoint AI can offer? We’ve got a full suite of presentation and design services to create, customize and, compliment your presentation. Our real, live humans are excited to connect with you, answer any questions and get you on the right track!

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