What to Include in Your Speaker Notes

Leverage the Power of Speaker Notes

Let’s face it, memorizing a 45-minute presentation is not only overwhelming, but it is also nearly impossible. That is why presentation software platforms across the market have created a speaker’s view, including speaker notes, that allows you to see clues as to what you should be talking about and what’s coming next.

With this great tool, presenters have taken to including their outlines in this section only to discover the font is too small to read and too difficult to decipher on the fly. That is why we put together a few tips on what to include in your speaker notes section and how to leverage them in your next presentation.

Main Ideas

Putting a main idea in your speaker notes allows you to make your key points word for word. It also ensures that the main message of your presentation is not lost in a slip of the brain. When placing your main idea in the speaker notes section, it is vital that you make your text large and bold so that it can be read at a glance.

Story Reminders

Stories are a vital piece of every presentation. They not only engage your audience, but they increase information retention at astounding rates. However, remembering when you had intended to input a story can be difficult and often result in a missed opportunity. That is why we recommend including reminders for these stories in your speaker notes. When placing them in the notes, be sure to distinguish that it is a reminder rather a statement to be read. This will allow you to flow through your story without missing a beat.

Statistics Not Represented on The Slide

There is nothing worse than saying a statistic wrong in the middle of your presentation. Not only does this make you look unprepared, it undermines your authority as an expert on the subject and will quickly cause your audience to disengage. In the same respect, we do not recommend placing every statistic on your slides as they can become convoluted and confusing. With that in mind, consider placing statistics that are not represented on your slides in your speaker notes in big, bold font. This will ensure you avoid any embarrassing slip-ups when communicating.

Speaker notes are a vital tool for any presenter. They allow you to deliver content in a clear and concise manner without spending a ton of time memorizing your presentation word for word. By implementing these key ideas, you have everything you need to make your next presentation seamless and show your audience you deserve their attention.

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