3 Ways to Use Presentation Templates to Your Advantage

Presentation templates get a lot of flak. And templates can breed bad design behaviors if in unsure hands. While some presenters may feel limited by the space and font constraints of a template, research shows that constraints foster creativity. So don’t look at resorting to a template as defeat. It is the perfect next-best option to full-scale presentation design services when you are short on time and funds. Templates allow you to skip worrying about the colors and fonts so you can focus on content – which is a crucial component of any presentation. We have compiled a brief list of presentation aspects you can focus more on if using a template.

1. Choose your message

You probably have a ton of information you want to dump on your audience. And the bullet point structure of presentation templates like PowerPoint may sway you to the dark side, but step away from the shovel. Dedicate more time to sifting your content and determining what parts of your message are the most important for your audience to know. Then, showcase one primary point per slide. This increases the readability of your message and increases audience comprehension, according to the cognitive load theory.

2. Structure your content

The constraints of a presentation template encourage content structure. Take advantage of the template when constructing your narrative by creating slides that overview your main points before you dive into the meat of your presentation. By organizing your content logically, you will reduce the strain on your audience’s working memory and increase their comprehension of your message.

3 Easy Ways to Use Templates

The time you save on design with a template should be put towards structuring a creative, clean narrative. To communicate even more effectively with your audience, limit the amount of text you include on each slide. People learn best when visuals are accompanied by a verbal explanation. So if you find that a point could be best displayed visually, skip the text.

3. Make your deck visual

With 65% of people categorized as visual learners, presenters should always think visually. Spend more time ensuring that the images you use are high-resolution, if possible, and that they correlate with the idea presented on a given slide. Even with a template, you can achieve concise, cohesive, beautiful presentations using the same guidelines our team of expert presentation designers follow at Ethos3. And soon, we will be rolling out sophisticated presentation templates that you could use for your next presentation. For more information about presentation templates and how you can best utilize them, check out the following resources.

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