5 Incredibly Bad Speeches

We’ve compiled a list of speeches that make us wish we could crawl into a hole and hide forever. Whatever you do, don’t take a lesson from any of these people. Please.

1. The Overly Passionate Politician

“Politics is winner takes all.” As a speaker, enthusiasm is so important. But too much enthusiasm? You may terrify an entire town into erasing your name off the ballot. Here’s a lesson in how to never, never run for office in a single presentation:

2. When Metaphors Attack

He’s a man? He’s an egg? What is happening in this video aptly named: “Worst Speech Ever Given in A Class.”

3. The Man Was “Meh:” Sean Penn’s 2004 Oscar Speech

Starting at about the three and a half minute mark, Sean Penn announces “where do you go?” and the fulfills his prophecy by just sort of “um-ing” through his acceptance speech. It’s as if he just was awarded a bottle of vitamins instead of an Oscar.

4. “Who Cares About This Stupid Election?” Jessica’s Speech in “Election”

“The same pathetic charade happens every year.” While admittedly, it’s a pretty good speech, this counter-approach to being selected class president will probably only get you suspended for life.

5. Every Miserable Business Presentation You’ve Ever Seen

Thankfully, this poor presenter didn’t come up with this jargon Frankenstein on his own. Instead, it’s a compilation of the worst phrases and “buzzwords” used to make a corporate speech. And frankly, it’s horrifying.

If public speaking is an art, then perhaps these speakers should take a lesson in how to hold a paintbrush. Yeesh!

Question: When is the last time you witnessed a terrible speech?

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