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This first-of-its-kind, skill-assessment system helps you discover what type of virtual presenter you naturally are whether it is leading a Zoom call or delivering an investor pitch via Prezi.

Stop the guesswork, and get the clarity you need so you can level up your virtual presentations. It’s time to emerge in the spotlight.

Take the test and discover your strengths.

“I was amazed at how quickly and accurately Emerge showed me my strengths as well as opportunities to improve. After reading through my profile along with the the other assets that come with it – I feel so much more confident and equipped for virtual presentations. Emerge is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

Bree D. – Therapist + Podcaster

“Game changer. This new dose of public speaking awareness has forever changed how I approach my presentations moving forward.”

Brittney S. – Healthcare Professional

“This was such great insight not only into the way that I teach, but on opportunities to help those around me become better, too. Emerge’s four quadrants are genius for identifying exactly what makes up a great presentation”

Josh J., Educator + Mentor

Find your match?



A well-rounded presenter constantly seeking ways to become even better.


A presenter who is strong in a virtual conversation and even stronger at leading meaningful discussions.


A presenter who is easily excited and loves new ideas.


A presenter who shares and delivers messages that make a lasting impact.



A presenter who is great with people and preparation.


A passionate presenter who offers both long- and short-term value with their messages.


A memorable presenter who prepares powerful messaging, but may struggle in the spotlight.


A presenter who takes pride in the details rather than being famous.



A passionate presenter who makes the hearts and minds of any audience soar.


A charismatic presenter with a natural talent to woo others.


An experienced virtual presenter who inspires others with their well-rounded approach.


An all-around presenter who may be having a hard time with making a human connection virtually.



A presenter who feels comfortable on camera and excels in the virtual spotlight.


A virtual presenter who audiences adore and love supporting.


A passionate presenter who takes pride in sharing meaningful messages online.


A calculated virtual presenter who is comfortable in any virutal environment.

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Choose one of the options below to kickstart your journey to learn about who you are as a presenter. The results are amazingly accurate.

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Carve out 10 minutes and complete the test and you’ll be off to the races. Within minutes, you’ll be discovering your unique strengths and weaknesses as a virtual presenter.

3. Grow

Take your results and start to level up your presentations. Standing ovations await on the other side.

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We have 3 packages to choose from: Basic, Standard, and Premium. There are additional resources and bonuses with each level upgrade. Our premium profiles provide the most in-depth descriptions which will equip and empower you to handle any virtual presentation scenario.

Why Trust Us?

A Solid Foundation

Our presentation assessment is built on Ken Wilber’s Four-Quadrant Model. It’s the same theoretical foundation behind the Predictive Index and Myers-Briggs which extracts your epistemological (how we go about knowing things) and ontological (the nature of reality as we understand it) as today’s most trusted quizzes and tests which extract epistemological and ontological results. It’s proven, trusted, and provides accurate outcomes.

Program Details

We have worked in presentation industry for over 15 years. This includes providing presentation presentation training and consulting for some of America’s biggest brands like Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, CBS, Tractor Supply, Carnival Cruise Lines, and many more.

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We are stronger together. Combine our expertise with your skill sets and you will become an absolute public speaking powerhouse. No more second guessing. No more insecurities. No more regrets. Let’s do this together!

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