How Presentation Training Could Improve Your Sales Pitch

Although you may feel secure in your sales capabilities, there are many aspects of the act of selling that presentation training can positively impact. The top 3 struggles for any presenter or business professional are durability of their message, cultivation of trust, and serenity under pressure. Luckily, some presentation training will enable you to overcome each of these 3 obstacles and more.

How Presentation Training Could Improve Your Sales Pitch

Be remembered

The most effective sales pitches are built on a foundation of equal parts storytelling and statistics. With relevant data and statistics, a salesperson can hook prospective clients and customers. But storytelling will reel them in for good. A recent Salesforce article explained some of the strongest statistics to include in a sales pitch – including cost and time savings, gains, industry trends and comparisons, as well as customer interest and following. A presentation training program will provide your sales force with the skills to marry statistics with storytelling. For example, during a sales pitch, a presenter can further expand upon customer base numbers by highlighting 1 or 2 customer experience stories. Since audiences are almost 12X more likely to remember stories than statistics, it is in your favor to strike a balance between the two tactics.

Be trusted

Research shows that 70% of buyers are motivated by problems. They are actively seeking out products and services to serve as solutions. What does this mean for your sales pitch? First, it demonstrates the importance of creating a focused presentation. Through presentation training, your sales team would be encouraged to pair a clear, cohesive message within a problem vs. solution narrative. Second, the fact that customers and clients look to brands and companies to solve issues places a responsibility on your sales team to present themselves in a dependable manner. Presentation training courses equip you and your team with the delivery skills necessary to enhance audience perception. When you approach your next sales pitch, engage in active listening, as well as active questioning.

Be composed

If you participate in a presentation training program, you will likely learn how to walk into a sales pitch presentation minus any unnecessary nerves or anxiety. This should be a primary part of any training – as less than half of B2B prospects and consumers believe sales teams are prepared for initial meetings. In addition to offering best practices for presentation rehearsal, a valuable presentation training program will illustrate the utility a cool and collected presenter has during tense situations or in the face of mounting criticism.

Never walk into a meeting or deliver a sales pitch without the highest amount of confidence and extensive resume of presentation strategies ever again. You can increase engagement and achieve business goals by being remembered, trusted, and composed in your sales pitch presentations. Want to explore how to craft a sales pitch with the ability to boost desired results? Review the resources below:

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