How to Make GIFs Using PowerPoint

These days, gifs seem nearly as popular as words, popping up in everything from text messages to emails to online courses. That being said, including gifs in your presentation is a great way to add visual interest and a bit of humor to make it more engaging for your audience.

If you’re not a technology buff and have no idea how to go about making a gif of your own, don’t sweat it. You can actually make one easily by using the presentation software most of us are already familiar with: PowerPoint. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open a new, blank presentation and delete the title page boxes

Step 2: Create a new box using the rectangle tool—this will be the shape and size of your gif, so adjust the dimensions to how you want your gif to look.

Step 3: Select Shape Fill to change the background color to anything you’d like

Step 4: Select Shape Outline to change the color of the shape’s outline to anything you’d like

Step 5: Insert the first part of the text or image you’d like to animate in gif form

Step 6: Right-click on your slide in the lefthand panel and select Duplicate Slide

Step 7: Enter the next part of the text or image in the second slide

Step 8: Do this with as many slides as you need to complete the sentence you want to animate

Step 9: When you’re finished, select File > Save as > Select the location you want to save the file

Step 10: Click on Save as type then select GIF Graphics Interchange Format

Step 11: Click Save then select All slides when you’re prompted

Step 12: Go to the website:

Step 13: Click on Upload images, locate the gif file you just saved and select all of its images

Step 14: Adjust the speed and size to your liking

Step 15: Click Create Now then Download GIF image

Congrats! You just created your own custom gif, you tech genius, you!

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