Leveraging Movement in Your Next Presentation

Movement is key to keeping an audience engaged and connected to your presentation. However, if not used correctly a presenter’s movements can become distracting and chaotic. With this in mind, we have put together a list of 4 keys to leveraging movement in your next presentation.

Move with a purpose

We’ve all seen presenters who lack purpose in their movements. As they pace around the stage or boardroom waving their hands what could be drawing the audience in is instead distracting and overwhelming. A presenter that leverages movement is careful and intentional with each move they make. They plan their movements carefully and ensure that each one carries a purpose. Be sure to plan and rehearse your movements before your next presentation giving yourself a leg up on presentation day.

Stand and deliver

The quick way to hinder the effectiveness of your content is to move while making a point. That is why it is important to stand and deliver each time you are conveying a key idea. Use your purposeful movement to arrive at a position then lean forward on your toes and make your point. Once you have completed that idea you can move again before standing and delivering your next key idea.

Monitor your hands

I once watched a video of a presenter who was a passionate hand talker. When we sped up the tape what seemed passionate at first began to look like the presenter was trying to fly. When leveraging the use of your hands be sure to embrace a moderate movement that elevates what you’re saying.

Avoid fidgeting

Nerves are a natural part of any presentation; however, it is important that you don’t let those nerves lead to fidgeting. Fidgeting is a physical movement that shows your audience you are uncomfortable which will lead to them feeling nervous for you.

Movement is key to a great presentation. When used effectively it will elevate your content and draw your audience in on a deeper level. By implementing these 4 tips you will be well on your way to not just leveraging your movements but capitalizing on them.

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