Microsoft Sway Demo: 5 Features Of The Presentation App

Sway, the new presentation app by Microsoft, is making quite a splash in the world of presentation design. 10 weeks ago, a preview version of Sway was released to select users by invitation only. In that 10-week period, received one million unique visitors, and over 175,000 people requested an invitation to preview Sway.

As of yesterday, Sway is available to everyone; an invitation is no longer needed to use Sway.

If you want to test drive the new presentation app, get started by first reviewing the 5 noteworthy features highlighted in our 3-minute Sway demo video.

Next, check out 13 Quotes To Inspire Storytelling For Your Business, an Ethos3 presentation designed and shared using Sway. Read the complete blog post about this Sway sample here.

(For an optimal experience, view in full screen mode.)

Once you test Sway, help the Microsoft team improve the functionality of their presentation app by submitting your feedback via UserVoice.  Yes, your input makes a difference, so take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of the app development process.

Microsoft has already implemented some user suggestions. For example, Sway users can now import PDF files directly into Sway, as well as reorder sections more easily.

To stay up-to-date on the Sway story as it continues to unfold, follow Ethos3 on Twitter and Facebook. Send us a tweet or a message to let us know what you think about Sway.

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