Storytelling Structure for the Business Plan Presentation

Every year, companies across the globe give the typical business plan presentation. The purpose of these decks is to give a temperature reading on the business and its performance over the course of the previous year. Oftentimes, presenters of these slides get lost in the density of charts and figures – impacting audiences in a negative way. They’ll be bored. And they won’t remember the point of the business plan presentation.

A New Storytelling Structure for Annual Business Plan Presentations

If you want to compel your audiences to become more productive, become more invested, and become more cooperative, the first step you need to take is reevaluating the business plan presentation you have been giving to them. Get your team back on track with this new business plan presentation storytelling structure!

The Scene

At the beginning of your business plan presentation, briefly outline the current business environment or the scene for your presentation message. What is the present state of the business? What is the company morale? Provide an overview of the message you want to share in as few words as possible. There’s two reasons for doing this: 1) to put your audience at ease and 2) to help your audience remember the points you want them to remember.

The Takeaways

There are many approaches you could take for this section of the presentation. For example, you could break up your takeaways into these 3 categories: Past, Present, and Future. The past portion would include information about the challenges and successes of the past year, while the present portion could explain where those challenges and successes brought you to currently. Finally, the future portion could tie in to the call to action or “vision.” In this part of your presentation, detail the future goals of your company or business and how you will take the lessons you learned in the last year to meet expectations. Another way to structure this middle section of your business plan presentation would be by pointing out 3 major trends of the past year.

The Vision

After expounding on the main points or components of the scene, conclude your annual business plan presentation with a description of the vision. What are the long-term goals for the entire organization? What are the short-term actions that can be taken to achieve these goals? Repeat the main takeaways from the previous section. Marry that information with the necessary action steps you expect your audience or employees to execute in pursuit of the overall vision.

This business plan presentation storytelling structure is perfect for the company or organization struggling to tell a comprehensive story that is both engaging and effective. With the framework described above, you’ll be able to convey the “what” of your message (what is the situation?), the “why” (why is the situation important?), and the “how” (how do we improve or maintain the situation?). To find out more about storytelling and constructing a clear path for your presentation message, review the following resources!

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