The 3 C’s of Impactful Background Images

Selecting the right background images is an important part of any presentation design. But with so much photography available today it can be hard to know which images to select. After all the last thing you want your design to do is become a distraction from the star of the show: YOU. Your content should shine, and your slide deck should become a seamless support to what you are sharing.

At Ethos3 we know how daunting this task can be. Which is why we have put together a list of 3 C’s to look for when selecting background images.

When selecting a background image, the last thing you want is a fuzzy photo. Not only do fuzzy photos look unprofessional but they make it hard on the eyes and tire out the viewer. Selecting a clear photo can mean the difference between elevation and distraction. Be sure to test your photo on both your laptop and a large screen to ensure clarity when projecting on presentation day.

Background images should be supportive of your overall look and feel. A great way to ensure this is by selecting images based on color palette. Intentionally selecting images that are in line with your look and feel shows that you care about the details of your presentation and are focused on excellence. This will add credibility to your content without the audience even knowing you have done so. Unable to find a similarly colored image? Consider using a color overlay to move your image from bland to brilliant.

When using the word calm, we don’t mean the emotion expressed by the background image. Rather we are discussing the amount of commotion taking place within the image. As background images become crowded and convoluted so do your slides. By ensuring that your images are not busy as well as have ample space to design you will create an elegant deck that keeps your audience on the edge of their seat. A great point of reference for calmness is ensuring all background images should have one maybe two embedded focal points. Anything more than that becomes cloudy and confusing.

Selecting the correct background image can make or break a presentation design. At Ethos3 we know this can be stressful, but by implementing these 3 C’s you have all the tools you need to select and leverage great images.

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