The 5 Secrets of Memorable Presentations [Video]

Preparing a professional presentation is a stressful experience for most people. The reason is simple: if you fail to design and deliver a memorable presentation, you fail as a presenter. To be a successful presenter, your presentation message must stick with your audience. If no one remembers what you said, what’s the point of your presentation?

There is no denying that the message of your presentation is important. To ensure that your presentation is unforgettable, watch the video below and follow the 5 tips for a memorable presentation.

1. Get organized. Structured presentations are 40% easier to retain than freeform presentations.

2. Show, Don’t Tell. Information is easier to recall when presented visually, compared to text alone.

3. Write Meaningful Headlines. Compared to shorter headlines, full-sentence headlines are easier to remember.

4. Tell Stories. Our brains are programmed for stories, not abstract ideas.

5. Kill the Pie Chart. Creative data visualizations are more memorable than traditional charts and graphs.

Conclusion: Deliver a presentation that will create buzz and drive positive results. To accomplish this goal, craft a memorable presentation with these 5 tips.

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