The Primal Presenter is Prepared to Endure Hell [Podcast – Episode 3]

The most elite of humans on this planet want and know how to endure hell. They crave it, they take pride it, and they want to learn from it. Anything less only offends their sense of honor.

The Marines pushed into the dangerous territory of Iwo Jima

Ernest Shackleton explored the treacherous South Pole

Leonidas stood defensive against the Persians even being grossly outnumbered

All of these heroes purposely endured hell for the misery to experience the triumph and honor on the other side. It’s a unique trait who only a few embrace. These men and women may seem a bit crazy or potentiallly even insane, but there is so much we can learn from them.

In this episode, you will:

Learn the value of creating consistency

Discover the rituals and habits of some of the greaters presenters and entertainers

Gain new insight on how to maximize your chronotype

Discover how to establish and deploy mental toughness


When by Dan Pink

Chronotype Assessment

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