The Story Behind The Design: The “Sports Spectacular” Presentation

Sports Spectacular approached us to create a deck for one of their keynote engagements, providing a high-level overview of the company while staying true to their modern, fun brand.

For a little bit of context about this project, Sports Spectacular is a non-profit company that raises money for charity at different sporting galas and events. Their charitable causes range from donating money to hospitals like Cedars-Sinai to raising money to eradicate diabetes and obesity in the U.S. All of this is done through the help of athletes, endorsing causes that are close to their hearts.

With that kind of pressure to perform and continue their good work, how did we create a portfolio-worthy presentation for them? Here’s the tale of our design triumph.

The Challenge

Sports Spectacular has an existing brand with tons of high-quality photos of events, framed within vibrant shades of orange and blue. They also have a very particular tone of voice in the content of their work: approachable, minimal, and to-the-point. While having a brand guideline can sometimes make content and design easier, it also leaves less room for flexibility, and a chance that boundaries will be crossed.

Another challenge was the story that the brand wanted to tell. Fundraising for charity already has a natural, emotional pull. But we didn’t want to go overboard with this, and perhaps ignore or undermine the past fundraising work that has been accomplished. The tone needed to be just right in order to work.

Our Content and Design Game Plan

It can be tricky to combine illustration alongside photos without looking like a photo booth apps with silly stickers. The design team cleverly used shaded overlays and unique layouts to marry both illustrative and photographic elements, without seeming cheesy or out of place. Here’s an example of what we mean:

The Story Behind The Design: The “Sports Spectacular” Presentation

As for content, we were extremely lucky that the team at Sports Spectacular loved minimal text, and would be able to speak to the content during the keynote presentation. Because of this, we had a lot of room for design on each slide, and didn’t have to work hard to capture the clear voice.

The structure of the presentation was an overview, showing the work that the organization has done in the past and giving the audience factual data. It was a little different from a pitch presentation, since there was no particular “ask” at the end. Overall, our game plan was to provide them with a deck that was versatile.

The Results

Even with so many different design and content elements to balance, both our team and Sports Spectacular loved this fun deck. It achieved their goals for the keynote event, but was still high level and flexible enough to be used in the future. Check out a few more of the slides we designed to see what we mean:

The Story Behind The Design: The “Sports Spectacular” Presentation

The Story Behind The Design: The “Sports Spectacular” Presentation

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