Three Ways to Terrify Your Presentation Audience

October 1st is widely celebrated (in this office) as the 1st day of Halloween Month. We’re already unwrapping mini candies, eating pumpkin seeds, and marathoning scary movies. In honor of the season, we’ve compiled three ways that the average presenter can transform into a ghoulish host…and how to avoid it.

1. Look Like Death

A disheveled suit. A pair bloodshot eyes. A groaning stomach. No, it’s not a zombie horror, it’s you before a big presentation because you’re tired, hungry, and haven’t slept. A lack of preparation is a sure way to make your audience doubt your credibility, and perhaps even experience some terror. Check out our guides to what to eat, drink, and how to remain calm before a presentation.

2. Special Effects

The lights cut out. The microphone screeches. The screen flashes. You can enhance the horror of any presentation with the shock and surprise of a technological malfunction. Don’t leave your audience feeling their way through darkness, searching for an exit. Make sure you have a backup plan for any mishaps and have tested all of your equipment at the event beforehand.

3. A Case of Possession 

Snores are heard. Drool is falling. The audience is slowly being hypnotized into a fatal sleep. You might be passionate about your message and excited to deliver it, but your presentation has been possessed by the Spirit of Bad PowerPoint. This happens when you let it succumb to dull clip art, mind-numbing bullet points, and far too many charts. Save your presentation design by livening it up with our many tips, and your audience will be pleasantly surprised instead of unpleasantly hypnotized.

Celebrate Halloween with pumpkins, not spooky presentations. Be sure you are fully prepared for your next presentation by managing your appearance, presentation tech, and overall design. Perhaps even consider handing out a few delicious candies instead?

Question: Are you scaring your audience? 

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