What’s Your Presentation Persona?

Whether you’re entertaining and dynamic (The Performer), a wise and inquisitive researcher (The Scholar), or anything in between, What’s Your Presentation Persona and our Proprietary Assessment Badge can instantly determine your strengths as a public speaker.

The first-of-its-kind,
Badge skill-assessment system helps you discover what type of presenter you naturally are.

The 16 Personas

The Creator

A forward-thinking innovator energized by the next big thing

The Liberator

An optimistic visionary who loves to inspire

The Scholar

An always-curious learner informed by their own wisdom

The Performer

A one-man show who can transform any dull message

The Navigator

Good with people and great at preparing.

The Activator

A dominant personality with the gift of persuasion

The Director

A respected leader of the pack with an empathetic core

The Befriender

A charming speaker who wins over their audience time and time again

The Advocator

A tenacious personality with a strong purpose that drives each word

The Demonstrator

A well-rehearsed character who always takes center stage

The Creator

An esteemed teacher who is comfortable tackling tough messages

The Captivator

A charismatic presenter with a natural, non-rehearsed flair

The Soldier

A dedicated personality driven by a single-minded, world- changing purpose

The Scientist

An inquisitive learner who puts emphasis on preparation and research

The Producer

A successful speaker who doesn’t believe in luck, just hard work

The Curator

A highly prepped presenter who knows what it takes to make a speech last

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