5 Things You Should Know Before Giving a Presentation

Any presentation done right requires extensive preparation. You have to know your content inside and out, you need to have insight into your audience, and you must create compelling visuals for the concepts you’re presenting—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! While there’s no way to get around the hard work of presentation prep, there are a few things you should know that will make it a whole lot easier.

Your Delivery Matters Most
According to research, an effective presentation is 38% your voice, 55% non-verbal communication, and just 7% your content. In other words, your content matters, but how you deliver it matters more. That means you should never, ever fail to rehearse your delivery. Pay mind to things like where you can pause for questions, use your voice and tone for emphasizing important points, and whether your body language is exuding confidence and commanding the room.


Facts and Figures Matter
Facts and figures aren’t the sexiest to think about, but they’re critical to getting your audience to remember your message. In fact, adding numbers and facts to your presentation improves audience retention by a whopping 20%. But don’t just lay them out in a boring table or chart; use them as an opportunity to create striking visuals that will paint a more complete picture of your topic.

Tell a Story
The human love of storytelling is deeply ingrained in our culture and history, and it’s something you should definitely use to your advantage. Rather than talk at your audience, take them with you on a storytelling journey, giving them characters and narratives they can identify with and relate to. This will evoke real feelings from your audience and make them much more connected to you and your message.

Minimize Anxiety With Preparation
Anyone who tells you they never get nervous before a presentation is either one in a billion or lying. Even the most seasoned presenters feel a little anxiety before they step on stage. Fortunately, you have a great defense against anxiety getting in the way of your focus: preparation. According to research, you can eliminate 90% of your anxiety simply by being well-prepared.

Imperfection Makes You Relatable
A lot of presenters scramble to appear perfect and polished in front of an audience at the expense of being real. When, in fact, being open about your weaknesses and how you deal with them lends you credibility. No on in your audience feels perfect; they’re flawed at times, just like you. Being open and honest rather than appearing excessively perfect will help you relate to your audience on a fundamental, human level. It’ll also make them more inclined to believe what you have to say.

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