Presentation iPad Apps You Should Download

From presenting at a casual business meeting to delivering a formal speech to a large auditorium, presentations come in many different forms. But just because presentation needs are vast and varied, doesn’t mean your presentation equipment needs to be.

There’s a growing number of awesome iPad apps specially designed to cover all of your presentation prep needs in one place. No matter if you’re presenting to a huge audience or a tiny team of people, the following apps will help you design your entire presentation from start to finish—no extra equipment necessary.

Haiku Deck
Haiku Deck is killer when it comes to creating beautifully-designed presentations without the need for much design knowledge and experience. Its easy-to-use interface emphasizes best practices for presentations, featuring simplified text, a large library of high-impact images, and clean and consistent formatting. It also lets you easily create custom charts and graphics that’ll have you looking like a total design pro, even if you don’t feel like one.

This handy presentation app has a lot of unique features designed to give your presentation that wow-factor in no time at all. For instance, its Express Slide Creation feature allows you to input all of your content and it’ll automatically transform that content into impeccably designed presentation slides. Even better, the app has a digital whiteboard that lets you annotate ideas on the fly, making it a great partner for company brainstorming sessions.

With free presentation templates, simple sharing capabilities, and easy cloud collaboration, FlowVella pretty much covers all of your presentation bases. It’s also great for adding custom designs and images but if you’d prefer to opt out of the design process, its Snap Guides feature will do all of the design work for you. Additionally, it’s fully compatible with Adobe Suite, so uploading PDFs and PSDs to your presentation is a breeze.

Prompster Pro
Prompster Pro essentially turns your iPad into your personal teleprompter. Rather than fumble through your notes and worry about flipping pages in the middle of your presentation, this smart device lets you create or import scripts to be read during your talk. You can reduce or increase the scrolling speed, change the font size, and add a time counter with one touch. In other words, you can finally say goodbye to your messy notes forever.

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