How To Live Stream Your Presentation And Conference

I am excited by all of the options for live streaming because live streaming is an easy way for presenters and conference organizers to exponentially grow their audiences. The number of people who can attend a presentation or a conference are limited due to the expenses associated with travel, as well as the challenges of going out of town and being away from the office and home. However, presenters and conference coordinators can bypass these challenges and reach a remote audience with a live stream.

To get you excited about the potential of live streaming, check out this example created by The Verge:

Example: The Verge is promoting WWDC 2015 with a live blog, live tweeting, and live streaming.

Live blog: Tune into The Verge live blog for up-to-the-second updates, commentary, and pictures directly from the venue.

Live streaming: Apple’s live stream is available via a dedicated channel on the Apple TV set-top box or the Safari browser on OS X (10.8.5 and above) and iOS devices (iOS 6 and above).

live stream wwdc video keynote

Live tweeting: Follow @Verge on Twitter for the latest headlines and specs as they emerge.

View this info in The Verge articleWWDC 2015: Live stream, start time, and schedule for Apple’s big event.

Now it is your turn!

To launch a live stream for your next presentation or event, check out some of the live streaming tools listed below:

#1. YouTube Live Streaming

youtube live stream presentation

Summary: Originally intended for video games and sports, YouTube live streaming is now being utilized in a variety of creative ways. For example, some YouTube users are harnessing the power of the live stream to expand the influence of presentations delivered at conferences, as well as to grow the audience for events, and also to promote products and businesses with innovative marketing campaigns.

Fun Tip: Embed the live stream video on your website. Then, drive traffic to your site when you promote your live stream event.

To get started with YouTube live streaming:

1. Log into your YouTube account.

2. Click on channel.

3. Then select status and features.

4. Next, select enable next to live events.

5. Follow the directions on the Live Events page.

Example: This is a recording of the live stream from Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference and Expo 2015. As you can see, presentation slides can be included in your live stream video.

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#2. Meerkat

meerkat live stream presentations

Summary: With the free app Meerkat you can stream live video from your mobile device to your social media followers and fellow Meerkaters. Currently, viewers cannot view videos of a live stream after the live stream has ended. Live stream publishers however can currently save streams. Some rumors indicate that viewers might soon be able to watch a live stream even after it is no longer live so stay tuned for that announcement.

Fun Tip: Rumors indicate possibility of Facebook purchasing Meerkat in the near future.

To get started with Meerkat live streaming:

1. Download app in App store or Google Play.

2. Login with Twitter.

3. Find Meerkaters you know by connecting your address book.

4. Schedule a stream or start streaming immediately.

Example: Get an inside look into the Meerkat app by viewing the demo video below.

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#3. Periscope

periscope live stream presentation

Summary: A free app that allows users to view live streams, as well as create and share live streams from their mobile devices.

Fun Tip: With Periscope, you can record live streams, allowing you to easily view videos even after the live stream has ended.

To get started with Periscope live streaming:

1. Download app in App store or Google Play.

2. Sign in with Twitter.

3. Follow users.

Example: Get a sneak peek into the Meerkat app by viewing the demo video below.

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#4. Google Hangouts on Air

google hangouts on air stream presentations

Summary: With Google Hangouts on Air, you can schedule broadcasts to stream live in HD on Google+, YouTube, as well as your website. Your video stream will be recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel.

Fun Tip: Google Hangouts on Air is still the premiere live streaming tool for most businesses and professionals, according to this Forbes article.

To get started with Google Hangouts on Air live streaming:

1. Log into Google+.

2. Start a Hangout On Air enabled video call and invite specific people or Google+ circles to join you.

3. Name your Hangout On Air.

4. Link to your YouTube account.

5. Click “Start broadcast” to go On Air.

6. After a countdown, your Hangout On Air will start broadcasting on your Google+ profile, your YouTube channel, and any website where you’ve embedded it.

Example: See Google Hangouts on Air in action with this sample video below.

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Other options for live streaming:

1. UstreamPut the power of Pro Broadcasting to work for your brand — deliver ad-free, HD streaming video to all devices, worldwide.

2. LivestreamLivestream is the easiest way to broadcast your event live.

3. Veetle: Veetle lets you instantly live stream from mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and Android) and your PC in high quality.

Conclusion: Before your next presentation or conference, consider setting up a live stream to share the experience with a larger audience. If your goal is to make an impact, live streaming is a valuable technique that you should start using immediately. The best platform for you will depend on your message and your audience. I suggest testing all of the video streaming options available before selecting your streaming tool.

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