Pandemic Writer’s Block is Real, so are These Tips for Overcoming it!

Time indoors can feel like an oasis at times, yet, mind-numbing at others. During this pandemic, many of us are spending more time indoors than ever. No wonder we are experiencing writer’s block! The four walls surrounding us seem to be caving in day-by-day, offering fewer and fewer genius ideas. While there are a lot of formerly helpful options that aren’t available right now (going to the movies, anyone?), we’ve compiled three welcome distractions that can hopefully get you back on track and writing fluidly in no time!

Eliminate Distractions

Is that spot in the corner where the paint line isn’t exactly perfect driving you nuts? What about anxiety about the fact you have a lot to accomplish if only you could get this pending task written? We’ve been there. Finding a way to zone into your work instead of zoning out has proven helpful. One way we do this is with the Headspace app. My personal favorite feature for combating writer’s block is the focus playlist selection. When I start the Zoom Out playlist, I’m able to stop focusing on my surroundings, and get into a more productive, well, headspace! In fact, in a study focused on cognitive enhancement, Headspace improved focus by 14%, significantly decreasing mind-wandering.

Pump it Up

Sitting stationary for too long can start to make you feel sluggish. In fact, your writer’s block may be a product of your inactivity. Exercising, moving a bit, or even just standing can get your blood pumping and allow you to conquer your sluggishness. In fact, a study of workers at the University of Leicester NHS Trust found that adjustable standing desks improve job performance and psychological health. Whether it’s a standing desk, your Apple Watch Activity app yelling at you for sitting for 50 minutes out of your hour, or personal accountability, find something that will make you move.

Walk Away

The best way to overcome writer’s block is to write. Write something, anything, down. Keep writing until there is nothing left. Then, get up, go play (legos, puzzle, candy crush… you name it!), and come back. Surprisingly, you should find some of your earlier nonsense writing useful when laying fresh eyes on it. In fact, in a study on effective strategies while blocked, “keep writing” and “work on a different writing project” scored higher than almost any other strategy. The most helpful was “take a break from writing.” When put together by way of continuing to write and then taking a break and coming back, this method should yield strong results.

The best news is that none of these even require you to leave your home! You have everything you need right in your safe, clean space. Should you need a welcome distraction in the form of human interaction, the Ethos3 team is always here to help! We have content strategists, designers, presentation coaches, and project managers at the ready when you need an outside perspective or a hand with something unfamiliar. Reach out today! It would be our pleasure to get you back on track.

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