Reconnecting to Your “Why”

One of the founding pillars of motivation is purpose. According to Simon Sinek, “Everyone has a WHY—it is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us.” It is from this driving force we find ourselves able to connect with the world at large. Likely, this is the very reason you are giving a presentation in the first place. It may be a stepping stone on your way, or your life’s work. Reconnecting to your “why” is a great place to start when feeling motivationally stuck. Whether crafting your narrative, designing your slides, or honing your presentation skills, your why weaves everything together with a thread of purpose.

Ditch Perfectionism

The constant quest for the perfect content/image/idea may be holding you back. A great exercise to get out of the holding pattern perfectionism creates is to forge ahead with imperfect material. Feeling the need to only put out perfect work inhibits you from reconnecting to your why.

You won’t get everything right the first time, and that is okay.

Build in time/resources for revisions rounds. Chances are, once you’ve forged ahead with that imperfect piece of the puzzle, having the rest of the pieces figured out may help that last one slide into place much easier.

Inspire Optimism

Remember that feeling you had when you first discovered your why? That affirmation that comes with knowing all of your efforts will yield something of value eventually? That is a priceless asset. When you find yourself stuck in the mundane day-to-day that happens on the road to success, reconnecting to your “why” will inspire optimism.

You believed in yourself enough to start this journey, so forge ahead with your purpose guiding the way.

Your why will help you realign your professional aspirations and ambitions to ignite that hope you seek. While eternal optimism is not feasible, nor healthy, a fresh dose of it when you’re feeling disconnected can get you over your slump.

We know your presentation has the ability to produce powerful results. We see it every day! If you’re finding you are in need of more than grace and optimism, let us know! Our presentation mentors can guide you through whatever it is that’s holding you back. Reach out today for a free quote!

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