The Primal Presenter Understands the Basics of Great Presentations [Podcast – Episode 14]

In 1997, Apple was bloated and directionless. Steve Jobs was brought on and  1. Ousted John Sculley, Apple’s CEO at the time, a person he recruited and 2. He cut 70% of Apple’s products to help save it from bankruptcy and make it become more laser focused. This bold moved helped the company achieve $309 million in profit just a year later. It’s a lesson in getting back to the basics.

We are going to be discussing how the primal presenter understands the basics of great presentations. He or she shatters digital contraints, and they are the opposite of most speakers today. They are calm, focused, and uncaged from the handicaps our digital world enforces. They don’t chase technology. They don’t adopt fads. And, they are winning the war against distraction and resistance which are the offspring from digital chaos.

In this episode, you will:

-Learn the basic framework of any great presenation

-Recognize the value of messages that make a long term impact

-Discover a new way to look at presentations moving forward


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